Congratulations, you've made it this far.
I'm betting you are interested in owning your own business.
Maybe not totally committed yet, but Interested.

When you join our team you become a Partner.

I'm bringing tools here from my Consulting Division.

We have your Back.

Choosing a Business is an involved process.
You need to make sure the company is in line with your beliefs. Picking the wrong company is one of the major reasons for failure in MLM.

A critical factor, you need to make sure you have the systems and tools needed to succeed. A bunch of webinars won't cut it. You need actual tools.
Tools like TouchlessConnet®or VidMail™. 
Then there's BizHelpTeam , SmarterConnect™. and PushButtonMarketing™.
And that's just a sampling of what we bring.

I'm bringing over the tools I use to make small businesses successful, and as a member of the BizHelpTeam, you get them at no charge.

By the way, did I mention we have a Production Company and we do our own videos? Why is that important?

This ties in with our Vid-Mail system.

Back to why most people Fail in Network Marketing.

The Simple Truth is it's Not Their Fault.

If you are in a deal now my bet is You are Struggling.
Want to know Why?

Failures I predicted using the vEvaluation method.

Let's dig into the WHY.

Folks, it's a New Era and the way of Network Marketing has Changed.

Tired of Missing It?

Does this video describe you?

Isn't it time to take control of your life?

I'm betting this video hits home with you...

RISE, the Search for Answers.

This video is a Trailer to a Incredibly Good one.
See just below.

You can Order Direct from Eric or watch it below.
It does a Very Good Job of answering many questions most folks have and there are a lot of interviews featuring some Very Successful People.

Prominent Folks

Let's dispell some of the myths.
You won't believe who is involved in this industry.

Some pertty big names are onboard.

We also bring something else to your business, something Quite Incredible...

Want to really put your MLM business on Auto-Pilot?

As the Founder and C.E.O. of TouchlessMarketing®, I have made the decision to bring this system over and make it Totally Free to anyone who joins my business in any of the links you see above. We just launched in December of 2020 and are already catching steam in 4 states.  

I'm also looking for resellers in select markets.
Let me know if you are interested.

Why do we Market through the Direct Selling Model?

We have a lot of different choices.
Why Direct Selling?

This movie says it all.

You have a Choice.

Continue to exchange your time for Dollars or learn to make money while you sleep.

98% of us never reach this level.

Most folks who have tried Multi Level Marketing never succeed because they simply picked the wrong deal. But that is only One of the reasons.
If you are looking at another deal or are already in one, you need to know why it's so tough. We have some information below you will find Very Revealing.

  • You might be on the fence and just not quite ready to move forward. It's a lot like the story of the Blind man and the Paraplegic.    
  • Some Famous Quotes:    
  • Here is the Full Version of RISE above.  
  • Why is Direct Selling GOOD FOR YOU?  
  • What is the Direct Selling Organization?   

Understand, you WILL NOT be able to sweet talk anybody into anything. People are simply Too Smart for that. And on top of that, pretty much Every Company is a Public Company. 

I'm bringing the systems from my Smarter.Marketing® division here for one reason. You have your SmartPhone with you all the time, why not use it in This Business?

The Customer of today is More Informed than Ever Before. 

Time to...

We do the Business Differently

I coined the Phrase "Mining the Miners." So what does that mean to you?
I DO NOT charge for any of my tools.
I prefer to give you the tools to grow your business and in turn that helps me.

Team Website

FantaZ® Corporate is working on sites now but we will have one that ties in with PushButtonMarketing™.
When this exciting site is complete we'll let you know.


This is already done and when you see it you'll understand.
All you will need is an email account and the system will do the rest.

Push Button Marketing

Our Unique and Exclusive Marketing System for the BizHelpTeam.
You'll Love this one.

Google AMP Systems

We'll have a series of short, quick little presentations in the Google AMP format for near Instant page loads.
Heard about the Elevator Pitch?
The problem is most of the time when you want to do this you are in an area with a poor internet connection.
Well how about the Push Button Pitch that works even in poor connection areas?

Why I'm Here

A close friend of mine was in the audience when Paul Zane Pilzer gave  
Years later he showed it to me and it just clicked. It's a little dated but the concept is sound.

I was fortunate to meet Mr. Pilzer in Park City a few years back and I asked him about that lecture to which he added this, and I'll paraphrase a bit.

He said that Big Pharma doesn't want to cure anything. "They are in the business of treatment. If we treat it, we have a customer for life. If we cure it we have you just once. There's no money in that."
Think about it. Say you are on the board of a major Pharmaceutical company dealing in Cancer Treatment products and you identify a pill that would cure Cancer. What do you think would happen if you brought that to the board? Your one pill would cost the company Billions of dollars yearly because of their now worthless Cancer Treatment products. You would probably be voted off the board for even suggesting such a thing.
Now, you might want to watch this movie,  

I decided that the nutritional industry is an up hill battle because you are constantly fighting...fighting to keep folks in your deal, fighting the other nutritional products out there and more importantly, fighting the Walmart's of the world, and that's one you won't win. 

Folks, I've been around the block. I own a few businesses and have a lot on my plate. In fact, I'm the Founder and C.E.O. of appSAVE®, a Technology Company where we are bringing GeoTargeted Proxmity Marketing to the world. We will be bringing this to our partners as well.

Why am I telling you all this? To let you know that I'm serious about this business.
Join me and we'll make a difference in the world.

To Succeed in this industry you MUST Understand the Customer!

You will Never HYPE anyone into joining your deal. Times have changed and your prospect will find the information they want with or without you. We no longer control the brand.

My Final Thought.

I had a close friend comment to me, "Good heck Rick, this is overkill. Why so much information? This is crazy."

My answer was simple. The way of Network Marketing has changed because of the plugged in, connected, informed consumer. It's not business as usual. If you want to go with a company that fails many of the Red Flags in the vEvaluation test then be my guest. But if you want something that works with products that not only work, they are exclusive...join us.

One final thought, Forbes has an opinion on this industry.

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