The World has changed, either you change with it or get left behind.

If you are trying to promote your MLM business the same way everyone else does, or the same way all the other companies are promoting their deals, what do you think your chances will be?

The world has gone Mobile and till now there was No Way for you to Capitalize on that.

What is it?GeoTargeting
The Wave of the Future.

We Give you your own Listing and your Own Free GeoFence.
No bait and switch, no gimmicks, it's FREE.

This is Dr. Rick Mayer

I'm bringing this technology to everyone for FREE.
No Bait and Switch, No Gimmicks.

And NO, I'm not trying to Cross Recruit.
This is a FREE system, take it or leave it, it's totally up to you.

I have been in the GeoTargeting industry for several years with different companies. The issue I had was nobody really understood the industry, let alone had a product that worked for everyone.

So I took the bull by the horns and hired two development teams to build a system that would work. As the Founder and C.E.O. I'm placing folks across the country in strategic markets to make this thing take off.

That means as a part of my team you'll get a system to help you grow your business locally. Our revenue will come from the Retail market, not from you. But here's the deal, sooner or later everyone in your area will have the App so why would you be conspicously absent from it...especially when it's FREE?

Understand that it won't happen right away. Any new territory develops a little slowly and we need a Resellerr in the area for it to take off. But once that begins to happen new customers will start seeing your business right on their phones.

Prospects will be downloading the app and once they do, will you be there?

It's a FindCashApp for a Consumer,
And a FindCustomersApp for a Business.

If the app is up and running in your area you are set.
If it isn't, and you want to know how you can get it going, contact me.

It will be in your area sooner or later as we have a lot of interest, particularaly from the retail sector.

Video Newsletters

It's DIFFERENT, it's Unique and it
Grabs their Attention.

Stay Ahead of the Crowd.

We mentioned before that our core business is GeoTargeted Proximity Marketing. In that arena, it's Critical that you know what you are doing and it's also Critical that you stay on the cutting edge of technology.

Our appSAVE® system is just that, and the benefit to you is this allows for you to stay on the cutting edge as well.

Question, do you want to deliver your message and content the same way everyone else does?

OR, do you want to be Unique. 

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