I was initially Very Excited about this one.

The videos are Very Compelling.
The problem was folks just didn't stay on the product.
They got excited at first but one by one, dropped off becasuse they saw nothing happening.
Problem: The cost. And when times get tough, as happened with COVID, nutritional products are the first things to go.

One thing I find interesting, the videos below I show are no longer on their website. One would ask Why?

Redox Signaling.

Without it in your body you wouldn't live 20 seconds.

The claims are there, I just wasn't that inpressed with the results.

A Patented Product.
They also claim Clinically Proven.

Another of their videos.

The claim, "The Scientists were amazed, they were caught off guard."

Dr Gary L Samuelson Explains Redox Signaling Molecules


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