Your typical MLM.

Skinny Coffee

This company is Valentus, and you may have heard of them.
I got involved early on but like so many, success was marginal.
Like most companies they foster their growth by breaking into new countries after it's slowed in one country.

Here is a video they produce.
Pretty impressive, but soon folks realize they don't lose any weight. 

When you do a YouTube search you find several videos of UPSET Distributors.
Like This One from the UK.
When they first opened in The UK it was exciting for a lot of folks.
But that died down quickly.

Full Disclosure: I personally take one of their products.
I dropped my membership and just buy as needed and ignore their email blasts to get involved again.

Their Best Product, in My opinion.

This is currently the Only Valentus product I take.

CBS Evening News
Obesety & Cancer in Millennials

One of the reasons I Take it.

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