Pay Off your Home in 1/3 the time!
Folks, this is the Real Deal!

"I Don't Believe it" you say?
"Can't be done."
"Must be a Scam."
"I don't want to pay more money each month."

Finally a way to have your money work for YOU, rather than for the Bank.
And without increasing the amount you pay each month.

Our Exclusive Software gives you a Financial Roadmap to follow.

The problem is this is a tough sell because you must first overcome the objections and the average person cannot do that. But the product is great.

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What this IS

This IS proven to quickly eliminate debt.
IS proven to help consumers build wealth.
IS proven to work with or without good credit, AND improve your credit.

What this is NOT

This is NOT a bi-weekly payment program or refinance.
NOT an increase to your minimum monthly payments.
NOT a mortgage modification, alteration or any other change to your current mortgage.

 Full Disclosure: I firmly believe in this product and I currently use it.
It will help anyone who uses it, that's a given.
But, it's a Very Hard sale so you need to use the product for personal use but go into it with realistic expectations, you won't get a lot of business builders.
My advice, use it because it works, and then let others know about it and some will get involved.

See it in Action

You may be asking "How is this Possible without changing my current lifestyle?"

The answer is simple, Knowing WHAT money to shift, WHEN and to WHERE.

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Time to Convert your Debt to Wealth.

We have won numerous awards and been featured in multiple publications, Nationwide.

For a glimpse of how to eliminate your mortgage and other debts in as little as five to seven years, please view first two videos on this link.

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This is pretty funny and it's a simple rule we too often forget...

Does it really work?

Here are some Real Stories from Real Folks.

These are just some of the folks we have helped and hundreds more are joining monthly.
Will you be one of the happy folks who is on the road to being Debt Free?

My Story

Rick Mayer, Ph.D.

Folks I have founded, sold and still own several companies in four industries. I don't often get involved in additional businesses but when I see something that really makes sense, I'm in.
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Frequently Asked Questions

We provide consumers with a FREE benefits call. On this call, we confirm how much time and interest the program can save you, and answer any questions you may have.
For your FREE, no obligation benefits call, please contact us.
We provide consumers with a free Benefits Call. On this call you will get a good estimate of the kind of wealth and income you can build and answers to any questions you may have about the program.

Remember that although your interest rate and payment amount may go down, most times your term goes up in a refinance, meaning you will be paying interest longer. And don't forget the fees that get tacked onto your balance.

Banks are a business and they need to make money. And they're very, very smart about how they make money. You may have heard banks point out that you can refinance for a lower interest rate and payment amount but keep paying what you've always been paying in order to pay off sooner and thereby save interest.

Sounds good in theory, but the reality is that most people don't do this very long. They find other ways to spend that freed-up money. You need to stop hitting the "restart button" on your mortgage every five years or so because by doing so you will never pay off your home!

Now, don't get us wrong, sometimes people really do need to refinance or modify their loan for certain reasons. We understand that. But refinancing and resetting your mortgage shouldn’t be something that is done every three to five years.

There are lots of debt management programs out there, but from what we have found all of them fall short in one or more of the following ways:

Every other debt elimination plan I've seen doesn't create a truly Effective, Dynamic, Personalized Plan, or EDPP. Instead, they simply provide generalized debt-elimination ideas that are not necessarily what best fits your financial situation. These ideas include sending X-amount extra every month toward your debts or paying off one debt at a time based on which debt has the highest interest rate or lowest balance. Although these one-size-fits-all plans might save you some time and interest on your debts, the fact that they're a cookie-cutter plan. They are the same for everyone and the same every month which means that there's no way they will save you the most time and interest possible on your debts. By contrast, the Money Max Account formulates a plan around your income, your expenses, and your debts. That way you know the plan is doable for you. And because the plan is built around you, you don't have to refinance or modify your loans, find a way to increase your income, or decrease your expenses

Other debt elimination plans don't adjust for real life like the Money Max Account does. What happens to your debt elimination plan if you missed some work during the last pay period and your paycheck was $234.56 less than usual? What should you do when you have an unexpected $1,258.44 doctor's bill show up in the mail? What about the extra $20 you found in your jacket pocket this morning? Other debt elimination plans simply provide you with a static monthly plan that doesn't account for the constant ups and downs that we all go through financially every month. No one's expenses are exactly the same every month, right? So why should your debt elimination plan be exactly the same every month? The Money Max Account's dynamic plan means that you're doing the absolute best that's possible every month for getting out of debt.

Other debt elimination plans rely on you to guess how quickly you want to get out of debt rather than calculating how fast you really can get out of debt. Long experience has taught me that in matters of debt elimination most people are generally unsure about what the best steps are to get out of debt, resulting in a slower debt payoff than necessary. Asking you to decide how much extra you want to send to your debts every month is like a personal trainer asking you how many push-ups you want to do and then just telling you to do that every day. Why even have a personal trainer if they're just going to have you do the same thing every day and every month? The Money Max Account, on the other hand, examines your financial numbers, accounts, finances and calculates exactly what the most effective strategy is for you, 24 hours a day 7 days a week. It bases all of its interest saving strategies around how you want to live your life, not forcing you to do anything. And if your finances change (as they always do), the Money Max Account plan changes around you. This results in you paying off your debts as quickly as you possibly can, which results in you saving as much interest as possible.

The Money Max Account is much more than a spreadsheet that tells you how much you've been earning and spending. It is an intricate and detailed program that, in addition to tracking what you've been earning and spending, takes into account all the factors related to your debts (interest rates, terms, payment amounts, balances, etc. ) to give you a month-by-month plan for paying off your debts the smartest most strategic way possible. A spreadsheet doesn't do that. I don't doubt your spreadsheet skills, but even if you knew how to account for all the factors mentioned above (and then some), would you really be willing to sit down for hours and hours every week to crunch and re-crunch the numbers and figure out what needs to be done each day/month to pay off your debts and save the most interest in the most effective way possible? And every time something unexpected happened, you would have to rerun all the numbers! There are very few people in the world willing to give up that much time and effort to do that for years on end. The Money Max Account makes it easy by doing all the strategizing, calculating and planning for you. You simply let it know about your income, expenses, debts, and accounts, and the Money Max Account maps out the most effective plan through simple-to-follow prompts. Most clients only spend about ten to fifteen minutes a week in their Money Max Account.

Let's analyze this. How do you know that the amounts you're sending are the best for you?
As mentioned earlier, people are notoriously timid about paying off debt. For example, you might decide that you can afford to send an extra $100 to your car loan every month, but what if you could effortlessly afford $157.42 this month? You just lost interest that could have been saved because you didn't pay down the debt as fast as you could have. Instead you just sent the same comfortable amount that you send every month. And how do you know that you've picked the right debt(s) to send that money to? What if that $100 could have eliminated more interest had it been sent to debt XYZ rather than the car loan? Contrary to what some people believe, deciding which debt needs to get paid down and when to save the most interest long-term is more complicated than simply finding out which has the highest interest rate or lowest balance and sending all of your extra money toward that debt. The Money Max Account takes into account the big, long-term picture when formulating your debt elimination plan, factoring in all variables to come up with the best possible plan, and adjusts dynamically each time your financial picture changes.

Yes, paying your mortgage or other loans biweekly will save you interest and time, but relatively little compared to the Money Max Account. For example, making biweekly payments to a 30-year, $200,000 mortgage with 4.5% interest could save just over four years. The Money Max Account, on the other hand, typically pays off all your debts in 1/2 to 1/3 the time it would normally take. In this example, that's like trying to decide whether to go with a plan that will pay off the mortgage in 26 years or a plan that will pay off the mortgage and all of your other debts in 10-15 years. That's a pretty big difference.

In many cases, people have more discretionary income than they think. I define "discretionary income" as the amount of your income that's left over after paying all of your bills, including entertainment. The problem is that the discretionary money is mixed up with your bill money in your checking account, rendering it more or less "invisible." The Money Max Account, however, can see exactly how much discretionary income you have each month and will figure out what is the best strategy that can be done with that money to get you out of debt.

Let's use Joe as an example. Joe found out about the program back in 2008. Prior to using the program, he figured that if he never went to the movies or ate out, he might have $25 left over at the end of the month as discretionary income, and he was doing the best he could to send extra money toward his debts when he felt like he had money available. Was he paying off my debts faster than his creditors expected and saving some interest? Yes, but because he was guessing at which way was the best strategy to pay off debts, he wasn't saving as much time and interest as he could have been. Once he began using the program, he discovered that he actually had more discretionary income than he thought and was able to start using that money better to pay off his debts without having to change his lifestyle. Something else to consider is that although you may not have any discretionary income now, as you pay off your smaller debts those monthly payments become big advantages toward the programs debt reduction strategies.

We hear this once in a while and it has a pretty simple answer. A quick examination of the numbers shows that the tax deduction is not worth the amount of money you're paying in interest every year toward your mortgage. The interest you're paying far outstrips any tax deduction you might be getting. It’s like arguing that you should keep paying a dollar to save a dime - not even close to being worth it. Holding onto debt is not a good idea.

The Money Max Account is for anyone that wants to get out of debt fast while saving as much interest as possible for their specific financial situation. It is a customized, dynamic debt elimination system that gives you month-by-month instructions built around your financial life and adjusts those instructions as your finances go through the ups and downs of each month. To qualify for the Money Max Account, you simply need to be earning more than you are spending on a regular basis (We can't print money for you, unfortunately). To be able to use the Money Max Account, you need access to a computer with an Internet connection and a checking account and a savings account. That's it! Anyone that uses the Money Max Account and follows its prompts can pay down their debt significantly faster than scheduled, which results in saving interest they would normally have to pay to their creditors. This means you can begin to experience the benefits of the Money Max Account long before your debts are actually paid off. The Money Max Account is a dynamic program, meaning it adjusts its plan and payoff results based on new real-time information it is given by the user. So if you buy the Money Max Account and then buy a car three years later, you can add that new debt to your Money Max Account and it will update its payoff plan factoring in the new financial situation. And let's be honest, that sort of thing happens to pretty much everyone, right? Any debt elimination plan that doesn't allow for changes in real life really isn't worth beans. 

People have different expectations, personalities, and life circumstances, and although we do our best to meet or exceed everyone’s expectations and accommodate every life circumstance, no company can provide the perfect solution for 100% of the population even though we can try 100% of the time! If there is someone online that has a concern, we welcome them to contact us and give us the chance to help resolve their concerns. On a side note, we have also observed that there are those who feel that they have a complete understanding of our product and the benefits it delivers, when in reality their understanding is quite different than reality.

Just like employing a personal trainer does not guarantee you'll get fit, simply signing up for the Money Max Account does not guarantee that you will pay off your debts. Training and support is provided for our clients (akin to a personal trainer that gives you instruction and training), but it's up to the client to take full advantage of the program. If you're paying a personal trainer to give you instructions, hopefully you would follow their instructions, right?  

Watch the videos on this page.
Once you have that foundation, we can meet either personally or online to run a free, no-obligation financial analysis to determine how much interest and time the Money Max Account will save you on your debts as well as answer any other questions you may have. The Money Max Account really is a unique, innovative program with no equal. You owe it to yourself to find out what the Money Max Account will do for you and your family.

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