The World is getting Smaller

Several years ago I owned a Website Development company and because of that I was approached by numerous MLM companies, each with the "Best" system and each said "We're all gonna be rich."
But when I ran them trough, MOST failed in a spectacular way.

I'm happy to say that the BEST of the best are on the first link are truly No Brainers.
See the Drop Down Menu.
These are 'The Also Ran' and even with all the cool videos I have, they are tough and require quite a bit of selling and convincing. They are the traditional MLM, always difficult.

This one claimed to be The Evolution of Gaming but they have been struggling for nearly two years to gain any traction.

This will appeal to the Gamers. Gaming and Sports cover a Very Large % of the total world wide population. Launching in the USA but will go international at some point.

I have been waiting for them to get their act together for over a year now and as good as they are on paper, I'm beginning to have my doubts.

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