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Skinny Coffee

This company is Valentus, and you may have heard of it.
I got involved early on but like so many, success was marginal.
Like most companies they foster their growth by breaking into new countries after it's slowed in one country.

First, watch a video they produce.
Pretty impressive, but soon folks realize they don't lose any weight. 

When you do a YouTube search you find several videos of UPSET Distributors.
Like This One from the UK.ideo,
But understand, it's just ONE of our Products.  Link

Full Disclosure: I personally take the products because I like how they work.
I do make a little money here but currently only have 2 distributors and 11 customers on the products. To make any kind of a decent income you must be in Constant Recruit mode, and most folks won't do that.
But I will say their Immune Product is a One of a Kind.

One of their Best Producs, in My opinion.

This is currently the Only Valentus product I take.

Products intended to make you Look Better, Feel Better, Lose Weight, have More Energy, Live Longer, and Help your Pets.

They have a Great line-up of products and as mentioned, I take them.
But you need to go in with your eyes open, it will be a slow grow deal as there is a lot of competition in Nutrition based produces.

Here is my link if you need it.

Understand WHY this is the Only Wright Loss company I recommend.

We are dealing with the Second Most Consumed Beverage in the World.
More Coffee is sold each year than the entire GDP of many countries.
And thats just for Starters...

The ONLY product on the market that Works Neurologically.

CBS Evening News
Obesety & Cancer in Millennials

This just out
February 4, 2019.

One More Reason for Valentus, and it's a Major One.

Some Good Products

What if you could Feel like this All the Time?

Then there is our 

Is this another of the Hundreds of Weight Loss Gimmicks or does it actually work?

You are sharp, get the facts and then decide.

You aren't going to fix anything unless you address the Underlying Issues.
It's like saying, "My House has a Crack in the Foundation,
so to fix it I painted it."

We are the ONLY company that addresses the root causes of FAT.

This is a Must Watch Video,
But understand, it's just ONE of our Products.

More Proof?

These are just a Few of the 1,000's of  folks using Valentus.

Get back to the person who sent you here and get going NOW.

When you join us, you get ALL These Websites!

Pretty cool for just One Annual Membership Fee?

How about the company?

  • 100% Debt Free with $Millions in the Bank.
  • $80 Million in Sales.
  • $40 Million in Commissions to date.
  • Launched: July 2014. 
  • Ceo/Founder: Dave Jordan. 
  • Headquarters: Sioux Falls, SD. 
  • Global Seamless 
  • Compensation Plan.
  • 2/3-1/3 Binary with 20% weak leg payout.
  • Coded Infinity Bonus with potential to receive $100 bills through infinity.
  • Strong 7-Generations of Binary Check Match!
  • An amazing $100,000 per week cap!
  • Currently marketing 13 Products with more coming.
  • Global Shipping.
  • All software is Owned.
  • 12,500 SF Building is Owned - $1 Million Cash!
  • Negotiating for a Second Building 27,000 SF.
  • Shipping IN HOUSE - Customer Service IN HOUSE.
  • Experienced Owner - 100% owned by Dave & Joyce Jordan.
  • No Investors - Never going Public.
  • Global Expansion Happening Now.
  • Coffee is Massive – Over $100+ billion in coffee consumed annually.
  • Only thing better than coffee, is diet coffee!
  • Powerful & Exclusive Marketing Tools that are Included from the company and extra tools and systems from the BizHelp Team.
  • Now, how about the Industry. Forbes thinks it's about to explode.

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